Aditya Narayan reveals he was “replaced at the last minute” in this year’s biggest film song

Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan, the renowned playback singer Udit Narayan’s son, has long been a well-known personality in the Indian music industry. Although he primarily makes indie music videos, his discography also includes well-known commercial songs like “Tattad Tattad” and “Ji Huzoor.” Aditya recently asserted that another singer’s rendition of his most recent song has taken its place.

During his chat with Hindustan Times, everything took place. “I had sung a very big song this year, and my rendition was changed at the last minute,” the singer alleged. I was quite angry at this precise moment. Maybe after a little while, after more time has passed, I’ll talk about it more.

Aditya Narayan continued, calling it “the biggest tune,” saying, “It is out and a big smash. However, the decision was made at the last minute by the producers, not the music composer, to select a different performer. It’s actually not a negative feeling because they replaced me with the greatest. Although I was anticipating the song, it’s just a fact of life. Just being called by these composers makes me delighted. I’m picky about the music I listen to on a regular basis. In Shamshera, I had a nice release the previous year with “Ji Huzoor.”

Narayan responded, “It happens to the best, it’s not a new thing,” when the portal highlighted that in the past, performers have expressed their anguish at being replaced in a song without even being informed. My father, the singer Udit Narayan, also observed this in his generation. Aditya Narayan frequently expresses his excitement for a song in public, yet (then someone else sang it). Bollywood has the drawback that you are not the song’s author. There isn’t a single person who answers the phone in our movies—producers, performers, everyone is involved. Time ki baat hoti he.

Aditya Narayan expressed his frustration at the time, between four and five days, particularly because the music was playing nonstop. He continued, knowing he had performed equally well. However, he also considers the possibility that there may have been situations in which he replaced someone.

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