According to PM Modi, India is utilising technology as a tool to combat poverty.

PM Modi

In a pre-recorded video address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated at the Bengaluru Tech summit that although India’s technology and innovation has already surprised the world, the country’s future will be far greater due to creative youth and expanding access to technology. PM Modi referred to Bengaluru as the “home of technology and thinking leadership” while praising the city’s long-standing dominance on India’s Innovation Index.

Technology was once thought of as a specialised field. It was allegedly only for the powerful and wealthy. India has nonetheless demonstrated how to democratise technology. India has demonstrated how to humanise technology.

Technology is a force for empowerment and equality in India, he claimed.India is fighting poverty by utilising technology as a weapon. We are employing drones to map lands in rural areas as part of the Svamitva project. Then, the populace receives property cards. So there are less land disputes. It also makes it easier for the impoverished to get credit and financial services.

The prime minister emphasised that India is no longer known for its excessive red tape and now welcomes foreign investment. He added that this year, India improved from 81st place in 2015 to 40th place in the Global Innovation Index.

India has many wonderful variables coming together, whether it is FDI reforms, the liberalisation of drone laws, actions in the semi-conductor industry, production incentive programmes in many sectors, or the development of ease of doing business, he said. Finally, the prime minister made a plea. Your money and our idea, he remarked, “can work marvels. Your confidence and our technical expertise can result in success. I cordially welcome you everyone to join forces with us as we pioneer global problem-solving.

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