A vehicle was blown up on Diwali night by a bomb near a temple in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu

The driver, a 21-year-old engineer whom the NIA had questioned in 2019 on suspicion of having ties to people named in some cases, was killed when an LPG cylinder explosion inside a moving car blew up the vehicle in front of a temple in Coimbatore before dawn. Tamil Nadu launched a terror investigation into the incident on Sunday.

It seemed improbable that the dead, Jameesha Mubin, had attempted a suicide bombing near the temple in Muslim-dominated Kottaimedu, according to DGP C Sylendra Babu.

There were two cylinders in the vehicle, and one of them may have exploded at around 4am as a result of a gas leak, according to authorities. “Police were monitoring a checkpoint nearby, and it’s possible that the explosion happened just as the motorist tried to accelerate away. The sign outside the temple was the only thing that was damaged “DGP stated.

After marbles and nails were discovered scattered within the wrecked car and the bomb scene, the terror investigation was launched. A search of the late Jameesha Mubin’s city home turned up an unknown quantity of potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, sulphur, and charcoal that the police believe were intended to be used in the making of explosives. The DGP suggested that Mubin may have been bringing a bag full of marbles and nails to his house as part of preparations for some “future sabotage activity.”

Some persons were held by the investigators, including a Coonoor resident who had been in contact with the young man. The DGP repeated that the investigation thus far appeared to indicate that the explosion’s proximity to the temple was really a coincidence.

Mubin was in communication with a few people while remaining undetected by the police, despite the fact that he had no open police charges against him and was not known to be a member of any organisation. The DGP stated without naming them that these contacts are members of particular organisations. Six police teams were set up to look into several issues, including Mubin’s history, the car’s owner, and the origin of the LPG cylinders. A few locals were questioned, including two women who sleep at the shrine, a milk vendor, a grocery store clerk, and priests from the Sangameswarar temple.

The area’s CCTV footage was gathered for examination. After Mubin’s identity had been established by Sunday night, his home was searched. At the Ukkadam police station, a case was opened under Sections 174 (suspicious death) of the Criminal Procedure Code and 3 (a) of the Explosive Substances Act. Up until late Sunday, the whole Kottaimedu locality remained protected.

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